So Far, So Good

Making good progress with my latest, and final attempt at being an Internet marketing success.

My new website is up and running, recognised by the mighty Google but not ranking yet for my keywords.

I have been brave enough to let a few fellow marketers take a look at my site and give me some constructive feedback. This they have very kindly done for me which has helped a great deal.

After chatting to the people who commented on my site I now have a host of ideas for the next few posts.

I now have a clearer understanding of what I need to do moving forward and it has provided me with a fresh impetus to keep going.

I am only 5 weeks into this latest phase of my Internet marketing career and all is going pretty well at the moment.

Fresh Start

Things are coming along nicely with my new start in Internet Marketing.

I am currently undertaking a step by step training programme which I hope will take me further along the road to success than I have ever been so far.

At the moment I have chosen a totally new niche market for me, purchased my new domain and begun to create content. It is still in the very early stages but Google have recognised my site and it is indexed by them.

I am next going to create more content and also write my first product review.

This is for a product which I have already used in the past and works well. Although the product owner does not have an affiliate programme I have discussed this with him and we have cut a deal on his monthly membership type deal.

Now it is just down to me to continue the training, create engaging content and drive traffic to my site.

More updates top follow in a few days time.

Well, Here We Go One Last Time.

This is not a New Year resolution for 2017 but my final attempt to prove that it is possible for me to create a successful Internet based business has begun.

I have once again cleared out a pile of junk and shiny objects from my life and focused on 3 methods which I will investigate and put into action over the course of the next 12 months.

They all have affiliate marketing at their core but in different spheres and using different platforms. My hope is that I can find a way to link them all together and get the best outcome of. I have clear proof that other people have made all 3 methods work, indeed even I have had success before with 1 of them so at least I know that it is possible.

What I don’t know is whether I have the application, patience and drive to do it myself. That is what I am about to discover.

Here goes!

Why Make Things So Hard For Myself?

Hi there,

It is not as if making a success of online marketing isn’t tough enough to start with.

Why then do I, and I suspect many, many others, give ourselves such a tough time?

We wouldn’t be like that with those close to us would we?

Comparing myself to other marketers doesn’t help. It just gives a boost to the self doubt I already have deep down.

Constantly doing this can only be detrimental to my present and future successes. I may not be at the same experience level of those I am comparing myself to and another person’s success may not be the magical transformation I perceive it to be.

Self doubt can arise from the comparisons I make between myself and the guys I receive emails from dripping with success and talk of the kind of lifestyle I aspire too. Some just seem to have the Midas touch with whatever project they talk about – but I have no idea as to what they went through before the huge successes.

Those entrepreneurs who are successful have likely spent an enormous amount of time, money and effort on their ventures. It may look easy, but chances are they had many self doubts about their own potential for success before it happened.

I am in no way unique in feeling like this. Comparison to others and the self doubt that follows goes on in every business – but it seems to be more prevalent in Internet marketing because you’re always putting yourself out there, presenting yourself and your ideas to others.

Here are some thoughts I have picked up which I mean to develop into my own mindset to help me move forward.

If the many failures that are sure to happen were figured into the mix, another person’s success may look entirely different to mine. Huge and consistent successes of others can make you feel like such a loser – because someone is always making more money than you or seems to be successful with every launch of a product.

Comparisons like that are dangerous to your own self confidence and can defeat what you’re trying to accomplish. You may not be aware of their many failures in the past or of how many hours and dollars they’ve spent getting to this point.

One way to look at comparisons differently is to view them as challenges. “If she can do it, I know I can!” may be exactly the boost of adrenalin you need to take action and make your own success come true.

Many people who have reached a certain level of success use comparisons to others as a tool to strategize their future business moves. It provides quick insight to trends and what’s working for others so you can incorporate many of the same ideas for yourself.

Competition is fierce among many types of businesses – especially Internet marketing. Looking into strategies of other marketers can be a good thing if you use them as models rather than comparing yourself to them in a negative way.

Self doubt can become the nemesis of your future. Guard against comparing yourself to others in a negative light and focus on your present and future goals to lead you to the success you desire.

I hope you find these thoughts useful, if you find yourself struggling yourself in the big, scary world of internet marketing.

Until the next time,

All the best,


Shiny Object Syndrome Personified.

Hi There,

I thought I would take a look at how badly I am affected by Shiny Object Syndrome.

The answer seems to be very badly indeed.

Just taking a look at my JVZoo purchases screen alone tells me that I have purchased a total of 43 products!!

Most of these I have not even taken a look at and there are a few that I do not even know what they are.

Why do I and many other aspiring entrepreneurs behave like this?

I think the answer may lie in a sort of addiction I have seen depicted in TV programes but never thought affected me.

I am referring to folks who get a thrill out of the actual process of buying and then immediately lose interest once that buzz has passed.

Perhaps when an offer appears in front of my eyes I believe that this is the one. No more struggles and strife for me. Finally I have found the holy grail and my life is set for a steep upward curve of success.

Of course reality says that this is not the case, even if this was the golden ticket then leaving it sat on my hard-drive unopened will never change my circumstances.

Firstly I need to rid myself of this self destructive habit. Then I need to take a long hard look at my mindset than finally take stock of all that I have around me including the knowledge I have already gained over the years.

Then use all of this to make a sensible, achievable, step by step plan of action to move me forward.

My next few posts will be a mixture of sharing anything useful I discover with changing my mindset and what steps I am taking to get myself back on the right track.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Until then,



And Then The Wheels Came Off Again!

Hi There,

Once again my self sabotage mode has kicked in. Things were running along smoothly, small but consistent cash coming in and even a couple of monthly subscriptions.

So what did I do next?



I have no idea?

I seem hell bent on stopping myself from being successful. I know all about the way our minds work, or so I thought, but still I set about sabotaging my efforts.

Sure, in my own mind I could probably justify some of my inaction but in reality it is solely down to me.

Going back to basic once again, starting with addressing my lack of drive and getting to the bottom of what if going on with that.

Back soon with more positive updates 🙂


Making Good Progress.

Hi there,

It may be slow and steady but at last I am making consistent, focused progress towards my goal of being a successful Internet Marketer.

I am finally getting the right mix between training and taking action. I have learned so much over the past couple of months which, put together with all of things I had forgotten I already knew how to do, has moved me forward at a steady pace.success-479568_640

My website is now taking shape and looking far more as I imagined it would when I first set out. I now need to be more consistent with my posting and getting traffic to visit.

I have found a couple of really good mentors to follow who provide excellent value to their visitors and theirs are the methods I am going to model moving forward.

Exciting times ahead, things are really starting to roll for me now.


Until the next time.


First Commissions Arrive.

Hi there,

Just a quick post today.

Got to be happy when you get an email with the subject line : Cha Chingggg – iPro Commissions Are Here!

At last I have made some money online. Received my affiliate commissions the other day, now I know that it is possible for me to make money online. I have tangible, spendable proof and the only way is up from here onwards.

Till the next time,



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