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At Last!!


I am very happy to report that I have managed to complete my free gift creation project 🙂

I have also worked out using a combination of my training, a lot of trial and error, a useful you tube video and searching support forums to set up all of the parts of my process to let my customers get access to it.

I am going to give myself the weekend off from IM as a reward.

I will be back early next week with details of how I managed to put all of the process pieces together in the hope that it will save someone a lot of time and frustration in the future.

Going to relax now in prep for my next race, a 10k road race on Sunday.

Back soon, take care,


Are you a completer/finisher?

Hello, welcome back to my adventure.

In a previous life I had to undertake way too many Management training courses and a regular outcome thrown my way was that I was not a completer/finisher. In other words I began most tasks loaded with enthusiasm but found it hard to maintain it through to the end of the task. I always argued against this suggestion. After all, wasn’t I the top performing Manager in the business? Didn’t others come to me for advice on a regular basis? Yes they did.

I was confident and could not agree with this as I was firmly in my comfort zone. But now?

Taken out of my comfort zone into this new Internet Marketing adventure and I am struggling at times. Maybe they were onto something after all.

I have completed the bulk of my free gift report and very pleased with it I am too. So why can’t I just finish those annoying last few bits and pieces. Sort out the chapter headings and menu. Tidy up the headlines. I wish I knew.

What am I scared of? If it is not good enough I will soon find out. Once again I have no reference point. I have never completed a project that has followed on to be a success so how do I know it will happen this time?

Only one way to find out! I have set that as my task to complete this evening, once I have finished typing this latest post.

Wish me luck. I will update you at the end of the week.

Until then, take care,



Breaking Old Habits.

Hi, Gordon here again,

Quick update on how my Internet Adventure is going so far.

I would like to say it has all gone to plan but that wouldn’t strictly be true. I began by watching the first 3 training videos, about 6 hours worth of content, more than enough to give me a feel for the task ahead. I then stopped and went back to the start to begin putting the foundations in place.

This is an improvement for me. Normally I would sit through the whole of the training, nodding my head wisely as I predicted where other people would fall by the wayside as each step got tougher. Eventually I would reach the point where I stopped believing I could succeed and the programme would join all of the others I have purchased over the years either back on a shelf or on my hard drive.

On the plus side I now have Module 1 fully in place. Proper foundations correctly applied and, unusually for me, in the right order. In the past I would have skipped through thinking I will do that bit later or I don’t need that piece in place at all.

Of course I knew best, my record of success speaks for itself!!

Module 2 continues to build step by step upon those foundations. I have also managed to complete this. You are reading part of it right now.

Next stage is to create a product to give away for free, the scary stuff begins now!

I am well on the way with this and I will have it finished by the end of this week. I had said that last Friday but lets not expect miracles so soon. At least I am still moving forward even if it is slower than I planned.

Now the confessional bit.

This new way of working has opened my eyes and exposed me to a whole range of new ideas and people. Unfortunately my old, and very bad, habit of leaping from one thing to another has come back big time. I have seen tempting offer after tempting offer and have found it hard to resist taking a peek or hitting the “buy now” button.

In my defence some of the products I have viewed would fit nicely with what I am trying to achieve here but I am in danger of becoming overwhelmed with information again and losing focus as I have so many times in the past.

It is very early days and I am bound to take a few steps backwards. I am not going to be too hard on myself but need to keep a watchful eye on getting the right things done, properly and on time.

Incidentally I was drawn to pick up The Power Of Intention by Wayne Dyer again. It seemed to leap out at me from my bookshelf. I have read it before, perhaps there is a message to be gained from reading it again. I will let you know.

Looking forward to telling you my free giveaway is complete at the weekend.

Until then, take care,


Hello again,

One of my passions, outside of Internet Marketing, is running. Here in UK we are just coming to the end of the Cross Country season, in other words lots of rain, mud, wind and freeezing pools of water.

What does this have to do with IM I hope you are asking. Let me explain.

I ran my last ” competitive ” race of the season last weekend. Even though I am always near the back of the field I keep plodding on until I reach the finish line and get that great feeling of accomplishment at getting there. Along the way I meet many obstacles, streams to jump, hills to climb, slippery descents to negotiate and ankle deep mud to plough through.

All of these could have caused me to stop or even give up altogether but they didn’t. Due to my previous experience I knew that if I just kept putting one foot in front of the other for long enough I would reach the end and accomplish the goal I set out to achieve.

In my IM path so far I have also met many obstacles but, unlike with my running, these have caused me to stop sometimes briefly, other times completely.

Why the difference?

Along my very long IM path I have never met with success consistently, sure some things have gone well but they have never been sustainable. In other words I do not know what it is like to reach the finish line. I have no reference point to cling to when the going gets tough. My mindset has been fixed to failure and disappointment so expects that to happen.

Of course I had that with my first ever race. Did I have enough skill, energy and stamina to make it? I didn’t know but what I did have was a lot of other people around me striving to achieve the same goal to differing degrees. I could see first hand that people were finishing, not falling by the wayside or giving up in frustration. I was being shown that it was possible.

IM can be a very lonely place at times. We are not surrounded by others while we work away at our projects. You have to have faith that those you learn from and see living the life you wish to lead have actually done it, you didn’t see it happen right in front of you.

It is all about the famous Comfort Zone.

To succeed in this adventure I will have to extend mine and so will you. Step by step, obstacle by obstacle I will have to have faith that I will reach the end. Once I have that proof, I will know I can do it and my Comfort Zone will have expanded slightly. Keep at it and things will become second nature to me and I may look back in the future and wonder what the fuss was all about.

I hope so anyway! By creating this blog I have made a public commitment to seeing it through.

How do I expand my Comfort Zone and improve as a runner? That is a whole new story for another day.

Hope you have found some of this useful or interesting.

Back soon with updates on how I am progressing with my new training.

Until then, take care,