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2016 Almost Upon Us.


With the Christmas break almost over and the New Year fast approaching what have you done to make sure you are ready for your most successful year ever?

Have you made a plan of action to follow?

Do you even know what you want to achieve? How to go about achieving it?

Now is not the time for vague hopes and wishes, where has that got any of us in the past?

Unless you want to be in exactly the same position you are right now in 12 months time the time to make plans is upon us.

It does not matter how you intend to earn your success if you do not know what success is to you or why you even want it. Ask yourself questions based around exactly what it is that you want. Why you want it. What are the benefits you wish to gain. What will you have to sacrifice to get them.

These questions form the very basic foundation stones of your future success. Without a clear mindset of what you want, and why, you will find it very hard to ever make any progress.

If you have any aspirations to leave the rat race and start taking control of your own destiny then you must ask yourself, and have clear answers, to all of these questions.

Only then can you begin to create a step by step action plan which will set you on your way.

Your successful future begins today, if you choose to make it so.


Last Roll of The Dice.


One consistent feature of almost every attempt I have made to make money on-line is that they have been one off shots at glory. Such has been the state of my available finances that if I didn’t have any success straight out of the box then it was back to square one and time to save up cash for another attempt.

Sound familiar?

Link up this cash shortage and a fear of failure which grows larger with every failed attempt and it is no surprise that I have spent so many years in the internet marketing wilderness.

A mindset like that is always going to lead to frustration and disillusionment.

Unless you are extremely lucky and hit the jackpot straight away, pretty unlikely, then you have to take a long term view and not launch any type of project unless you have the reserves of time or resources for the long term.

Last chance saloon or last roll of the dice, whatever you like to call it, it is a mindset that will kill you off before you even get started.

Now that I have finally realised that this is my problem I have begun to investigate ways to take a longer term view to my on-line success and develop a strategy which I can start small and scale up over time.

Overnight success is not likely to happen and accepting that albeit rather late in the day will remove a lot of the fear of failure from my efforts and leave me with a much clearer mind to focus on the task in front of me.

I am about to venture into the, currently to me unknown, world of Solo Ads.

I will let you know how I get on.

Until then, take care,



Another Year Nearly Gone, Achieved Your Goals?

Hello Everyone,

2015 is almost over and thoughts turn to what we have achieved.

The year began, as so many have, with good intentions of great deeds to make up for the inaction of the previous year.

How has that worked for you in 2015?

Personally I have been very busy but have I actually achieved anything of significance? To be honest no!

As discussed in an earlier post it took me 6 months to create and set up my latest product and sales funnel only for the launch to be compromised by my hospital stay. Who knows if the results would have been better if that had not happened, it is immaterial now anyway.

There is still enough of 2015 left to begin laying the foundations for a successful 2016 and that is exactly what I will be doing for the next 22 days.

What will you be doing to ensure your 2016 is better than your 2015?

All the best.