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Making Good Progress.

Hi there,

It may be slow and steady but at last I am making consistent, focused progress towards my goal of being a successful Internet Marketer.

I am finally getting the right mix between training and taking action. I have learned so much over the past couple of months which, put together with all of things I had forgotten I already knew how to do, has moved me forward at a steady pace.success-479568_640

My website is now taking shape and looking far more as I imagined it would when I first set out. I now need to be more consistent with my posting and getting traffic to visit.

I have found a couple of really good mentors to follow who provide excellent value to their visitors and theirs are the methods I am going to model moving forward.

Exciting times ahead, things are really starting to roll for me now.


Until the next time.


First Commissions Arrive.

Hi there,

Just a quick post today.

Got to be happy when you get an email with the subject line : Cha Chingggg – iPro Commissions Are Here!

At last I have made some money online. Received my affiliate commissions the other day, now I know that it is possible for me to make money online. I have tangible, spendable proof and the only way is up from here onwards.

Till the next time,



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Time To Lighten Up and Step Up a Gear.

Hi there,


I have been reading back over a few of my recent posts, while laid up with a temporary deafness  issue 🙁

It is time I lightened the mood a little as some of my posts have been a bit on the doom and gloom side.

I have nothing much to be gloomy about, thanks to some expert help from one of my mentoring team I have finally solved my landing page problems and can move on to the next stage of my project.

That means that it is all down to me again. No more moaning about things not working as I would like.

Time to get my head back in gear and step it up a gear or two over the coming days and weeks to move this list building project forward and towards completion.

That will be my sole focus from now on until it is done.


Updates to follow on a much more regular basis.

All the best,