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Shiny Object Syndrome Personified.

Hi There,

I thought I would take a look at how badly I am affected by Shiny Object Syndrome.

The answer seems to be very badly indeed.

Just taking a look at my JVZoo purchases screen alone tells me that I have purchased a total of 43 products!!

Most of these I have not even taken a look at and there are a few that I do not even know what they are.

Why do I and many other aspiring entrepreneurs behave like this?

I think the answer may lie in a sort of addiction I have seen depicted in TV programes but never thought affected me.

I am referring to folks who get a thrill out of the actual process of buying and then immediately lose interest once that buzz has passed.

Perhaps when an offer appears in front of my eyes I believe that this is the one. No more struggles and strife for me. Finally I have found the holy grail and my life is set for a steep upward curve of success.

Of course reality says that this is not the case, even if this was the golden ticket then leaving it sat on my hard-drive unopened will never change my circumstances.

Firstly I need to rid myself of this self destructive habit. Then I need to take a long hard look at my mindset than finally take stock of all that I have around me including the knowledge I have already gained over the years.

Then use all of this to make a sensible, achievable, step by step plan of action to move me forward.

My next few posts will be a mixture of sharing anything useful I discover with changing my mindset and what steps I am taking to get myself back on the right track.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Until then,



And Then The Wheels Came Off Again!

Hi There,

Once again my self sabotage mode has kicked in. Things were running along smoothly, small but consistent cash coming in and even a couple of monthly subscriptions.

So what did I do next?



I have no idea?

I seem hell bent on stopping myself from being successful. I know all about the way our minds work, or so I thought, but still I set about sabotaging my efforts.

Sure, in my own mind I could probably justify some of my inaction but in reality it is solely down to me.

Going back to basic once again, starting with addressing my lack of drive and getting to the bottom of what if going on with that.

Back soon with more positive updates 🙂