What can we do to secure our financial future in such uncertain times?

Welcome back to my blog at what is a very strange and worrying time for all of us.

As you may know, on this blog I am documenting my journey from beginner to fully fledged, successful affiliate marketer.

This will include all of the highs and lows that I meet along the way.

The situation in which the entire world finds itself currently not only highlights the fragility of life for some of us but also the fact that many of us can no longer rely on a secure job with a regular weekly or monthly income. Almost overnight our world can be turned upside down.

If now is not the perfect time to take back control of our own lives and futures then I don’t know when that time will ever come.

That is certainly what I intend to do starting from today.

Now there are numerous ways in which we can achieve control of our financial future.

Affiliate marketing is the method I have chosen to begin my journey to financial freedom.

For my starting point this time around I have chosen to promote Dean Hollands Internet Profits products.

I have chosen specifically his Affiliate Marketers Playbook and Iceberg Effect books.

I will be doing this using solo ads in the first instance while I build up the content on this blog.

Later I will investigate using either Facebook Ads or Bing advertising as another potential source of paid traffic.

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