About Me

Hi, I am Gordon Bendall, I live with my beautiful partner Jacqui in Cheltenham, England and I am semi retired.

I had a 35 year career in the Aviation Industry finishing up as a Senior Production Manager responsible for 65 people repairing and overhauling aircraft undercarriages. I was also a mentor for 4 other Production Managers.

I gave all of that up to pursue a new career on the Internet. I had seen all of the riches being made by others and decided I wanted a piece of the action. To be fair I did my due diligence and had a plan to succeed but predictably crashed and burnt within 9 months and had to take another job at half of my previous salary.

Still something burns deep inside and this blog is going to follow my attempts to prove an ordinary person such as myself really can make a life changing income online.

When I am not working on my affiliate marketing business I enjoy reading and listening to most types of music.


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