Affiliate Marketing 90 Day Challenge.

As I begin my affiliate marketing journey once again I thought I would set myself a 90 day challenge to have everything set up, running consistently and earning commissions.

I am already a few steps along the path as I have previously had some minor success with affiliate marketing before.

My current status.

Parts of the puzzle I already have include the following:

  1. A website to house my blog.
  2. Web hosting to host my blog.
  3. An autoresponder to collect email addresses from potential customers.
  4. A mentor to guide me along the way.
  5. Products to advertise and sell.

New parts of the puzzle that I have committed to create during this challenge are as follows:

  1. A YouTube channel.
  2. A regularly updated podcast.
  3. A paid advertising method to get traffic.

So that is where I am right now.

What if you are just starting out?

For anyone reading this blog who is just starting out, or who wants to start, I will go through each stage one by one.

I will also be giving my recommendations based on my experience.

Each day for the next week I will discuss one part of this puzzle in more depth so that anyone who wants to can follow in my footsteps.

The idea being that by doing so you will take advantage of my experience and avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered.



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