Affiliate Marketing Traffic Options

Affiliate Marketing does not work without traffic, full stop!

So that is where our Affiliate Marketing journey will begin.
You may already be aware that there are only really two types of traffic.

They are paid and organic, sometimes known as free, although that is not actually accurate.

As far as paid traffic is concerned there are a few main ways in which this can be done.

  1. SoloAds, sometimes known as email buys.
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Search Engine Ads

SoloAds, or email buys, are advertisements which you buy from vendors with existing email lists who they will contact for a price.

You pay per email sent, known as a click, and the price can vary from as little as $0.50 cents to $1+

The pros for this method of gaining traffic:

  1. It is relatively quick to set up.
  2. Can quickly add names to your email lists.
  3. Makes you feel as if you are making progress with little effort on your part.

The cons for this method of gaining traffic:

  1. You have no idea of the quality of the traffic being emailed to by your vendor.
  2. Traffic is cold, meaning that they have no idea who you are or prior knowledge of your offer.
  3. Not easy to work out the good vendors from the bad until you have tried them.
  4. Very often few, if any, actual sales made.

I have in the past and more recently used this method of gaining traffic with varying degrees of success.

However, I would not put you off using it completely as long as you complete your due diligence on your proposed vendor, doing all that you can to verify their quality.

Facebook Ads.

I do not have any experience in using this method.

Based on information I have gained from other marketers who do use this method, this is what I understand.

Advertising using Facebook Ads can be very lucrative.

It can also be very frustrating as the rules seem to change frequently and it is very easy to get your account shut down.

I will not be recommending this as an option purely due to the fact that I have no experience.

I also believe that you can advertise via YouTube Ads but that is another area where I have no experience at this time.


Search Engine Ads.

The two main, possibly only, players in this area are Google and Microsoft (Bing,Yahoo)

Both can be highly successful platforms to advertise on, I have only used Google up to this point.

I understand that Google has by far the largest audience to advertise to, it also has the stricter rules and regulations which may result in your advert being blocked.

My preference is to use Microsoft and indeed I am currently learning how to use their platform through their own training products.

Although their audience is much smaller than Google there is still more than enough viewers of the various search engines to satisfy our needs, especially in the early days.

Because of the audience size it is also cheaper to advertise with Microsoft than it is with Google.

I will update in a later blog post how my training to use Microsoft Ads goes.

Next steps.

So where does that leave us?

What do I recommend you begin with?

My suggestion would be starting with SoloAds as long as you are prepared to put in the initial work to investigate how good your proposed vendor is.

Two points I would make. Don’t believe all of the hype on their websites and in my experience you get what you pay for. Cheap is not often the best option.

That will do for today.

In my next post I will discuss just where you are going to be sending this traffic to.




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