Busy Week? Yes. Productive??

Hi there,

Had a very busy week collecting info towards creating my first product. Surrounded now by e-books, paper books, PLR documents and other related articles. Now I need to start reading through it all to form the framework of my product. That will give me the starting point and deliver some focus to my next few days and weeks.

This is all new to me so no doubt more hurdles and challenges lie ahead but, more importantly, more opportunities to progress and learn more about Internet Marketing in general and Product Creation in particular.

It is funny how I feel that I am not being very productive if I am not actually typing words into a document or producing something tangible.

The proof of how productive this week has been will depend on how well I turn that info into a product that is going to be of use to someone else and produce me that magical first $1 sale on this adventure.

It is my intention as I move on with this adventure is to identify useful things that I learn and share them with you via this blog.

On a more personal note my sympathies and good wishes go out to all of those affected by the terrible events at Fort Hood this week. As the father of a soldier based there it was a very anxious few hours before contact was re-established and I found out that he was safe and well.

Until next time, take care,


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