Frustration, Frustration!!


These are the type of days which make you want to just pack it all in, I am sure plenty of people have done in the past.

You watch the tutorial, or perform a task you have done plenty of times before, and it just wont work.

That has been my struggle over the past day and a half.

I have created my list building funnel as far as I can and now need to upload it to my website to see how it looks.

Simple you would think…………………………not the case.

Firstly my password was not recognised in my Dreamhost dashboard. Changed that and waited for it to register. Then logged into my Kompozer FTP dashboard, no luck, password not recognised.

Oh well, will try Filezilla instead, same result.

Back to Dreamhost to ensure the password had registered OK, yes it had. Went through the entire process a couple more times with both FTP systems to no avail.

Help Desk ticket submitted to the excellent Dreamhost support team. They confirm the details I have be using are correct.

Will try again this evening after work, hoping for better luck.



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