Learning v Action Part 2.

Hi there,

I have reached that all too familiar place again. Asking myself the age old question.

When will I have learned enough knowledge to begin putting it into action?

I know that I should make a start and see how far I get with the knowledge I already have but the temptation to just have a look at that next bit of training or check out that next video showing me how to do something else is almost overwhelming. Thing is that deep down, I know I already have enough knowledge about this to get going and see where it takes me.

I am sat here with my bullet point list of actions to take to set up my list building process. All I have to do is get moving on the first item on the list. That is when I find myself thinking, do I really know enough to get this done?

Yes I do so why haven’t I made a start?

This has been my stumbling block so many times in the past.

Not this time!!

I am going to begin at bullet point 1 and steadily work through until I have either hit a roadblock or created a process that is both workable and acceptable, not perfect! Only if I hit a roadblock will I need to search out further training as far as building this process is concerned.

Most importantly I will be firm with myself without giving myself a hard time when I get stuck. I know that producing the end product will be worthwhile and a huge boost to my self confidence.

Until next time.



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