Let’s Get Out Of That Comfort Zone. Learning v Action.

Hi there,

Now that I have cleared the decks so to speak, narrowed my focus down to concentrate on Affiliate Marketing and learning how to create my own products in the future, it is time to take action.

One mistake which I have made many, many times in the past is to confuse learning how to do things, reading articles and books, watching training videos and attending webinars for example with actually taking action and moving forward.

I have been able to fool myself in the past that by “learning” more and more stuff I was making progress. This is of course reflected in my complete lack of success!!

Learning without taking action is pretty pointless. What use is all of the knowledge in the world without putting it into practice?

It can be very scary to leave that nice and safe Comfort Zone. That is going to be my biggest challenge over the next few weeks.

Please don’t make the same mistakes that I have. Learning is not only essential but can be fun too. Just don’t confuse it with actually taking action towards your chosen goals.

All the best,


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