Shiny Object Syndrome Personified.

Hi There,

I thought I would take a look at how badly I am affected by Shiny Object Syndrome.

The answer seems to be very badly indeed.

Just taking a look at my JVZoo purchases screen alone tells me that I have purchased a total of 43 products!!

Most of these I have not even taken a look at and there are a few that I do not even know what they are.

Why do I and many other aspiring entrepreneurs behave like this?

I think the answer may lie in a sort of addiction I have seen depicted in TV programes but never thought affected me.

I am referring to folks who get a thrill out of the actual process of buying and then immediately lose interest once that buzz has passed.

Perhaps when an offer appears in front of my eyes I believe that this is the one. No more struggles and strife for me. Finally I have found the holy grail and my life is set for a steep upward curve of success.

Of course reality says that this is not the case, even if this was the golden ticket then leaving it sat on my hard-drive unopened will never change my circumstances.

Firstly I need to rid myself of this self destructive habit. Then I need to take a long hard look at my mindset than finally take stock of all that I have around me including the knowledge I have already gained over the years.

Then use all of this to make a sensible, achievable, step by step plan of action to move me forward.

My next few posts will be a mixture of sharing anything useful I discover with changing my mindset and what steps I am taking to get myself back on the right track.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Until then,



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