Starting Your First Blog.

If you don’t have anywhere to send it, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you can generate.


In my last post I talked about the various methods, paid and “free”, that you can use to get traffic.

Now we are going to look at where you will be sending that traffic too, assuming that you do not already have a website or have your own products of course.

The way I have been taught, and the way I would suggest to any newcomer to Affiliate Marketing, is by having your own blog.

What is a Blog you may ask?


A blog is a simple website where you post content. You are reading this post on mine as we speak.

In the way that I will be showing you here you will be writing consistently, detailing your journey as you go from complete beginner to accomplished affiliate marketer.

What if I have nothing to write about?


That is a very common question.

Just treat your blog like a sort of diary. You can write about almost anything as long as it is informative.

What have you done in your business today?

Anything which worked particularly well?

How about something which didn’t work at all?

Did you overcome any obstacles or learn a new skill?

It may not seem like it at first but wherever you are in the process, someone else will be a step or two behind you.

Something you have just learned or mastered could be the key to unlocking someone else’s problem.

You should also add some of your own personality into your posts from time to time.

Write as if you are chatting to a friend over a coffee or beer.

This may not come naturally to you to begin with but, with time, will just flow.

How do I get started getting my blog?


To begin with you will need a domain.

For those of you who do not know what that is, it is the name you type after www. in a website.

For instance mine here is

You don’t have to use your own name if you prefer not to.

Choose a title which will attract visitors who are searching for information your business can provide.

Domain names are relatively cheap, around $10 at most.

I have used a few different providers over the years and the one I would suggest as the best is Dreamhost.

I have never had any major issues with them and their support is brilliant if you do need help.

OK, I now have a domain name, what next?


Now will need somewhere to store your blog, this is called hosting.

As the name would suggest Dreamhost can also help you here.

They have a number of packages.

I use one called Happy Hosting which costs me around $11 per month.

Just to be totally honest I will receive a small payment if you chose to sign up using any of the links on this page 🙂

Is there anything else required?


The final part of the jigsaw as far as this post goes is called WordPress.

This software is used by millions of websites and blog owners and is really simple to use.

With Dreamhost you can install it on your blog with one click within your hosting account.

I assume all hosting providers have the same facility but cant guarantee it as I don’t use them.

I believe that is enough for today, next we will look at how to capture visitors information once they begin to arrive on your blog.


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