Time for a Confession


Confession time.

I have allowed myself to get sidetracked and lost a little focus. As I have said I have been struggling for nearly a month now with getting my first project completed and successfully set up. Nothing has been going right.

As a result I have been attracted by too many bright shiny objects landing in my inbox 🙁

Although I take full responsibility for losing focus it is a shame that so many marketers sell you a course which claims to show you how to be successful by starting out properly, taking your time and doing it right, then bombard you with other offers which either claim to make it easier or quicker to achieve that same success.

I realise that their email lists are probably huge but you would have thought that they could create a list of newbies who were left alone for a while to get on with the training they already have to put in place.

If, like me, you have been struggling day by day to prepare the correct foundations for a long term business the last thing you want is distraction on a weekly basis which takes you away from what you are trying to achieve.

I have allowed myself to get distracted by this and must learn to be more wary in the future.

Confession over 🙂

On the bright side I have finished my free gift project and successfully set up the opt in etc to allow people to claim it.

Onwards and upwards now with my first actual money earning project.

Take care,


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