Traffic. No Such Thing As Free, So Where Do I Start?

Have you been around the Internet Marketing world for any length of time?

If so you will no doubt have come across the free v paid traffic discussion.

There is no such thing as FREE traffic. There, I have said it!

You may not actually be handing over your hard earned cash but there will be a cost.

To achieve any meaningful success using “FREE” traffic methods will mean spending a lot of time and effort creating unique content.

Potential Free Traffic Methods.

In this post I am going to discuss some of the options available to me and choose which one to begin with.

I am going to dismiss article marketing as an option for the following reasons.

  1. It used to be very successful but its popularity has declined in recent years.
  2. Not so many article directories around these days.
  3. I never had any success with this method despite many attempts over the years.

Email marketing is another option I have researched.

I have many stories to tell of success, and failure, from my attempts to make money online over the years.

Many of these will be useful to anyone just starting out on their journey so would have some merit.

Having Dean Holland as a mentor means that I have lots of potential products to offer to my email list.

All I need to do is create one of course.

This is one for the short list.

Social Media options.

Social media opens up several options for gaining an audience for my information and stories.

I have never used Instagram so will rule that out straight away. Not used Twitter much either.

That really only leaves good old Facebook, which I am reasonably comfortable with using.

Time to find some training on the best ways to use Facebook.

That way I can minimise my errors and make best use of its assets.

While I am taking that training I will continue to add content to this blog and link them together at the applicable time.

This is going to be a long process and one which I am going to have to be disciplined in working on consistently.

There I have it, decision made.

Blogging consistently while learning how best to harness the power of Facebook to advance my business.

Paid Traffic Options.

As far as paid traffice is concerned then my chosen method of getting this type of traffic to my site has two strings.

Firstly SoloAds.

Theses are emails sent by someone with a large list of, hopefully, proven buyers on the lookout for offers to match their needs.

I can pay for any number of clicks, each unique visitor to my offer, from 100 upwards.

The cost can range from 50 cents for each click up to $1 or more for better qualified buyers.

I have used this method previously with some success.

Alongside this I am going to be learning how to advertise through Microsoft Advertising on the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

This is a cheaper method than using Google Ads but still offers a large enough market share to make it worthwhile.

Once I have mastered the training Microsoft Advertising will be come my main method of attracting traffic.

I will use SoloAds more sparingly or for specific campaigns.

I will update this blog with news of my progress in around a months time.






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