We Are Living In Strange Times.

I think that it is pretty safe of me to say that we are all living in pretty strange times right now.

Here in the UK we have, in my opinion, split into 4 groups.

They are:

  1. Keyworkers and those unable to work from home.
  2. Those self isolating, ill or recovering.
  3. Following Government advice and staying at home where at all possible.
  4. Selfishly carrying on as if nothing has happened 🙁

Whichever group we are in life is far from normal currently.

 Business as normal for us now?

What does that mean to those of us trying to make a living online?

Should we feel guilty for promoting our products due to the current situation?

Should we tap into a situation, not of our making, which has made many people look to find a more secure future?

The way I look at it is this.

The reason most of us got into Internet Marketing in the first place was to secure a better future for ourselves and our family.

Has that situation changed?

Now, I firmly believe, even more people will be looking to do the same and we can help them.

Don’t be afraid to get your message out there, whatever that may be because people need to hear it.

Also, it doesn’t even have to be about the money.

Helping others, providing advice and a way forward is reward enough for now.

Cast your mind back to when you first started out, what was it that you would have wanted to know?

If we have knowledge which will help, surely it is our duty to share that knowledge.

Be bold. Take that first step, reach out to somebody with your message.

You never know where it will lead to in the future.

Wishing you the very best of luck in these trying times.

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