Welcome to my Adventure


My name is Gordon, welcome to my new Internet Marketing Adventure.

I have been riding the Internet Marketing roller coaster since 2006. Not strictly a roller coaster though as there have been many, many lows and very few highs along the way!

I have decided to scrap everything I have learned during that time and go right back to basics. I have myself a new Mentor, a new training course, and most importantly of all, a new and improved mindset.

My goal in this quest is to prove that given the correct knowledge and applying that knowledge exactly as it is taught, anyone can make money by Internet Marketing. I am not talking ” Guru ” millions in a week here, I will just be happy to make my first $100 initially just to prove to myself that it can be done.

If I have only learned one thing since 2006 it is that I possess exactly the same basic knowledge, skills and aptitude as most of the successful people I have studied. So why have I not achieved the same level of success, or to be more honest achieved no success at all?

It has to be my mindset and that is where my new adventure will begin.

Please join me on my journey from Internet Marketing failure to success.

Back with you soon, Gordon Bendall


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