WOW! What a Frustrating Week.

WOW! This has been a really frustrating week. The sort of week that in the past would have made me, and probably many others, throw in the towel in utter despair.

Seems like creating my free gift report was actually the easy bit!

I knew it may well be a tough week due to pre-arranged work and family commitments limiting my time but had not prepared myself for everything to go wrong.

In the past I have created and uploaded many website using a variety of FTP providers and, apart from a few teething problems, it has all gone relatively well. Not this time however.

I created my squeeze page, my Thank You and download pages, saved them in my folder and attempted to upload them to my new domain using Filezilla for the first time.

I have a few websites hosted by Dreamhost all of which took little effort and time to set up, all went smoothly or maybe I have conveniently forgotten any issues I may have had at the time.

This time however nothing has worked.

Let me make it clear right here that I am 100% sure that none of the systems or products I am using are to blame. I am sure it is just user error.

I have trawled my way through support forums, youtube videos and help desk tickets in an attempt to sort this out.

One question. Why does it look so simple on the video yet doesn’t actually happen when I try it out?

I am waiting for a reply to my latest help desk ticket and, depending on what they say, will either get it done or scrap what I have done so far and start again with the uploading process.

This is not going to derail my progress. This time I am going to stick with it every step, one at a time, until I get to my goal of making my first $100 online.

One aspect of my week that I am pleased with is this; in the past I would have either given up altogether, moved on to another part of the process or maybe started a completely new project. This time I have resisted that temptation which I am taking as a more mature approach to the whole process.

I will not be beaten, I will succeed!!

Back next week with more positive news.

Until then, take care.


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